Podcast #664 – AMD & Xilinx, Corsair K70 KB & Fractal Torrent Nano reviews, NAND Destroyed!, Malware!, Bye Ballistix RAM + MOrE!

AMD finishes buying Xilinx, we review the Fractal Torrent Nano case and the Corsair K70 RGB Pro keyboard, malware talk and gaming quick hits + ruined NAND, Nvidia financials, and no more Crucial Ballistix RAM, Samsung does not make a smart VR play … check the timestamps for more!

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
02:03 AMD completes Xilinx acquisition
04:31 Samsung’s metaverse event needed a second life
08:27 Contamination destroys exabytes of flash memory
10:02 Crucial Ballistix RAM will soon be a memory
11:42 Podcast Sponsor: New Relic
13:09 Critical flaw in Android 12 patched
15:58 Chrome zero-day – patch ASAP!
17:46 We think Kent was hacked
21:44 Some Mac security story
23:27 AMD Radeon refresh rumors
28:43 NVIDIA earned a lot of money
33:34 New Dune game – does not look like Dune II
36:44 Humble Bundle for a cause
38:13 Steam Deck compatibility list grows
39:43 Podcast Sponsor: Linkedin Jobs
40:48 Corsair K70 RGB PRO keyboard review
47:11 Fractal Torrent Nano video review overview
49:17 Picks of the Week

1:01:38 Outro

Picks of the Week

Video News

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