Podcast #665 – Intel ARC GPUs & Endgame, Nvidia Lovelace rumors, E-Win Racing Chair Review, Mikrotik PCIe Router + More!

Intel in the GPUs news with new ARC and getting a Radeon architect. Don’t like Win 11, try Chrome! Win 11 Pro requiring online account, TrueNAS at scale, Nvidia Lovelace GPU rumors, Bethesda shuts down launcher, E-Win Racing Gaming chair review, and a PCIe router from Mikrotik + more!

We are ONE EPISODE AWAY from the ill-fated “666”. Will it ever happen? Who knows. This could be the last episode ever.

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Show Topics

00:00 Cold Open
00:11 Intro
01:41 Burger of the Week
04:54 Intel Arc graphics roadmap
11:48 Lead Radeon architect leaves for Intel
13:57 Do you believe the 850W NVIDIA GPU rumor?
20:37 Chrome OS Flex
25:20 A 25GbE router on a PCIe card
30:19 TrueNAS Scale released
34:32 The tiny AMD Ryzen-powered Lenovo ThinkCentre M75q
38:51 hand break (not handbrake)
39:24 Microsoft account REQUIRED for future builds of Win11 Pro
40:15 Total War Warhammer 3
43:03 Bethesda launcher shutting down
46:30 Synology DSM has a vulnerability, no patch yet
47:05 E-Win Racing Champion Series gaming chair review
53:27 Picks of the Week
1:01:12 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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