Quick Look: be quiet! Pure Power 11 FM 850W Power Supply

Manufacturer: be quiet! Quick Look: be quiet! Pure Power 11 FM 850W Power Supply

The Pure Power 11 Family Grows

Announced last month and going on sale today, we have the 850W FM model in be quiet!’s Pure Power 11 series for your perusal. And it’s a video. Yes, VIDEO CONTENT. Poor, perhaps, but its is 30 frames per second of something for nearly six full minutes.

This video is NOT sponsored by be quiet!, and contains a very light unboxing, basic overview, and some completely unscientific load testing (YouTube video embedded below):

Product Specifications
  • Model: Pure Power 11 FM 850W
  • Continuous power (W): 850
  • Peak power (W): 900
  • Form factor: Version 2.52
  • Form factor EPS 12V: Version 2.92
  • Modular Cable management: Yes
  • Topology: LLC + SR + DC/DC
  • Wire-free design (DC-side): Yes
  • Voltage (Vac): 100 – 240
  • Frequency (Hz): 50 – 60
  • Input current (A): 12 / 6
  • PFC: active
  • Power factor at 100% load: >0.97
  • Compliant to Intel C6/C7: Yes
  • Power consumption in standby (W): <0.1
  • Average life time (h / 25°C): >100.000
  • Operating temperature up to (°C): 40
Pure Power 11 FM 850W – $129.90 USD
Manufacturer Description

“Pure Power 11 FM is aimed at mainstream computer users who appreciate the versatility of modular cables and 80 PLUS Gold efficiency up to 93.9 percent. The new high-wattage options are specifically aimed at value-oriented PC systems with high-end graphics cards.”

Features, Interior Photos, Pricing

Product features via be quiet!:

Pure Power 11 FM 850W offers peerless dependability and best-in-class features such as modular cables. Whether you are assembling a very quiet system, upgrading your PC, or building a gaming system with an overclocked high-end GPU: Pure Power 11 FM 850W offers the best combination of features at a very popular price.

  • 80 PLUS Gold efficiency (up to 93.3%)
  • Modular cables for maximum build flexibility
  • Two strong 12V-rails
  • Silence-optimized 120mm be quiet! fan
  • Advanced stability and voltage regulation thanks to LLC, SR and DC-to-DC
  • Four PCIe connectors for overclocked high-end GPUs
  • Full suite of top safety features
  • Five-year manufacturer’s warranty

And now, a look inside the PSU:

I could speculate as to the OEM that be quiet! is working with here, be it FSP, CWT, or other, but I’ll leave that for more knowledgeable people since my request for this detail was politely declined.

The build quality looks good, though some may scoff at the up to 40°C operating temperature spec (see full specs on the product page, linked here). Still, this unit targets the more value-oriented segment, and is price-competitive with 80 PLUS Gold offerings from Corsair and EVGA.

Speaking of pricing, be quiet! provides these list prices for the Pure Power 11 series:

  • Pure Power 11 FM 550W – $89.90
  • Pure Power 11 FM 650W – $99.90
  • Pure Power 11 FM 750W – $114.90
  • Pure Power 11 FM 850W – $129.90
  • Pure Power 11 FM 1000W – $159.90

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