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Angelfish TrueNAS Scale 22.02 Is Here

TrueNAS Scale has been in development for quite some time now and is now available in addition to iXsystems’ original TrueNAS software, which should be getting it’s own update to TrueNAS 13 relatively soon.  TrueNAS Scale is Linux based as opposed to the original which ran on FreeBSD, and that increases the available tools to a user that wants better control over their networked storage devices.

TrueNAS Scale adds support for KVM for virtualization, the ability to incorporate Kubernetes, as well as Gluster-based scale outs in addition to everything that the original was capable of and indeed the two can work together if you prefer to use TrueNAS Scale as an application manager and TrueNAS to handle pure storage set up.

iXsystems’ new NAS software and the TrueCommand interface could well prove to be serious competition for other similar products from Proxmox VE, QNAP or VMWare if TrueNAS Scale is able to scale up to handle infrastructure which contains a large amount of hardware.  Serve The Home has had a quick look at the new NAS suite, with a detailed follow up coming soon.

Today, TrueNAS Scale has finally hit release. We are just going to quickly discuss some of the big points but will have more content on STH for the release at a later date. We wanted to get into the release a bit, but then give a perspective on this going forward.

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  1. Adam C

    Love it, been using since Novemeber. The Kubernetes (K8s) integration won me over despite my initial skepticism.

  2. Operandi

    I use TrueNAS Core for my relatively new NAS. ‘Scale’ was in was pretty far along in the preview stage when I setup my NAS so I’m sure it was stable enough for my home needs and I like the idea of Linux vs FreeBSD so I looked at it but I was pretty confused on the messaging as to what Scale was supposed to be and who its for. I get that its supposed to “scale” with enterprise sized deployments but that made me think its going to be for datacenters not for small scale high-performance NASs like mine. Frankly I still don’t really get who is supposed to be looking at this. It sounds like it makes ‘Enterprise’ pretty much irrelevant but its still free just like ‘Core’ is and ‘Enterprise’ is the one you buy for legit production systems? Its all confusing AF.

    Position and marketing confusion aside I’m pretty happy with TrueNAS Core, its come along way from the FreeNAS days which was pretty cumbersome. Its super easy to work with and setup and probably the most reliable and performant NAS software you can run. Even though mine is really only running Plex there are some other pretty good plugins and if you are hardcore you can always roll your own jails.


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