The EVGA E1 Suspends a Gaming Rig Within a Carbon Fiber Frame

Source: EVGA The EVGA E1 Suspends a Gaming Rig Within a Carbon Fiber Frame

This is Not Your Average Prebuilt

In case you missed it, EVGA announced something pretty wild on January 27: a computer that seems to have more in common with a high-end road bike than any previous pre-built PC. The goals seem to have been to offer something “extreme” and make a “statement”, and I’d say they exceeded those.

“With the launch of the EVGA E1, EVGA is once again taking extreme gaming to the next level by setting a statement with our new gaming rig. The E1 will be extremely limited and available to EVGA Members only.”

So it will be exclusive. Got it. Now let’s look at the frame,which reminded this editor initially of the D-Frame series from InWin, but with an even more minimal aesthetic. Oh, and it’s carbon fiber and weighs next to nothing.

EVGA E1 Carbon Frame

“With a patent pending independent suspension system comprised of steel cables, the E1 chassis frame is constructed with 100% 3K Plain weave carbon fiber. At 2.76lbs, the E1 sports the lightest frame design compared to other chassis of the same volume.”

The specs of the complete system will be staggering, of course, with a curiously un-specified GPU within a K|NGP|N graphics card (I would expect RTX 3090 Ti, but who knows anymore), Z690 DARK K|NGP|N motherboard, 1600W Titanium power supply with limited 3K carbon fiber finish (getting those 3090 Ti vibes again), a sharp-looking cooler listed only as “7th Gen Closed Loop Cooler”, and some analog gauges (!?) that seem like they would be at home in a bike pump. Oh, and there’s a a keychain that looks like a keyfob.

There was no information provided as to price, and the launch date is also a mystery. There is a link to sign up for notification of further information on the E1, available on the product page.

For now, enjoy the video (YouTube), embedded below:

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