The Slimmed Down Glorious Model O- Wireless

Source: The FPS Review The Slimmed Down Glorious Model O- Wireless

It Seems Odd They Did Not Dye ‘Em Black

The Glorious Model O- Wireless Mouse is somewhat smaller than the Model O Wireless, measuring 63mm high, 122mm long and 35m high, weighing in at 65g.   The mouse uses a BAMF sensor, which was designed for Glorious by PixArt and has sensitivity levels ranging from 100 CPI to 19000 CPI, with several presets already programmed into the mouse.

If the presets don’t match your preferences you can change it with the new Glorious Core software, which is also part of The FPS Review’s article.  The software suite handles the usual sensitivity and lighting options, but also allows you to change the polling rate, lift off distance and and debounce timing.

Glorious made some changes to the overall build of the mouse as well, making it stiffer to prevent accidental clicking as well as making it feel more sturdy overall.  You can get all the details here.

The O- Wireless joins the larger Model O Wireless, as well as the wireless versions of their ergonomic Model D and Model D- gaming mice, all of which come in unique versions as well. There are black and white versions as well.

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