A New Look For Windows 11

Source: Ars Technica A New Look For Windows 11

Now You Can Have 100 Open Tabs In Explorer Too

Ars Technica braced themselves for a new Windows 11 update, Build 22572, to see what has changed in Microsoft’s new OS.  The biggest change is the inclusion of tabs in Explorer, perhaps finally allowing it to grab as much memory as Chrome.   The Register points out that Microsoft tried and then abandoned this in Windows 10, after getting negative feedback about their Sets feature.  We will see what Windows Insiders think about it as this update rolls out and then enable the feature.

In addition to tabs in Explorer, Ars Technica found changes to what some consider the best feature of Windows, the printer queue!  It now looks more like the rest of the interface; obviously worth every moment they spent working on it.   More seriously, they included a tweaks to the Android Subsystem for Windows which resolve the buggy scrolling behaviour currently present.  

Along with the release of the update, Microsoft also posted some details on their future plans for Windows 11, including changes to the search behaviour. Ars Technica has some details and links for those interested.

Microsoft briefly tested File Explorer tabs in Windows 10 but never ended up including the feature in the publicly released version of the OS. We'd expect the tabbed File Explorer interface to be formally introduced and enabled in a future Windows 11 Insider build, as we saw in the redesigned Task Manager and a few other UI changes that have been discovered before they were announced.

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  1. BigTed

    Microsoft need to forget everything until they sort out ungrouping taskbar icons and showing labels. That’s the single biggest productivity killer. I’d rather use Window 8.

    • psuedonymous

      Turning grouping off has also been a setting available since Windows 8.


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