Meet The New BaseMark GPUScore Benchmark, The Relic Of Life

Source: Guru of 3D Meet The New BaseMark GPUScore Benchmark, The Relic Of Life

All Your Basemark … Ah, Never Mind

There is a new GPI benchmark out which you will likely be seeing more of, so pop by the Guru of 3D for a look at the Basemark GPUScore Relic of Life.  It is capable of measuring your cards performance when using raytracing on VULKAN and on DirectX.  The Relic of Life is designed to test frame by frame so that the benchmark can create and measure the exact same workload every single time it is launched, which is very handy when testing a wide variety of cards.

Guru3D tested well over a dozen cards to generate a base set of Basemark GPUScore results, using the GeForce 511.79 and Adrenalin 22.2.3 drivers with BAR enabled in the BIOS.   As you might expect from a raytracing benchmark, the RTX 3080 performs significantly better than the RX 6800 XT.  The tests were all run twice, once in VULKAN and once in DX12, with AMD’s cards doing significantly better in VULKAN mode and NVIDIA’s doing just slightly better than in DX12.

The Basemark GPUScore Relic of Life benchmark is available here for free, if you are curious about how your system stacks up, or even if you are just sick of staring at the same old benchmark screens.

There is a new benchmark in town, fabricated by ex-Futuremark employees Basemark GPUScore Relic of life has been released in an aim to measure Hybrid Raytracing on VULKAN and DirectX12.

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