The MSI MEG Series Gets Cooler With The CORELIQUID S280 AIO

Source: TechPowerUp The MSI MEG Series Gets Cooler With The CORELIQUID S280 AIO

Goodbye ARGB, Hello Hidden Socket Fan

The MSI MEG series continues to maintain a good reputation in the enthusiast market and they have certainly noticed.  This is why the MEG family continues to expand, now into all in one watercooling with the CORELIQUID S280.  The 280mm radiator is cooled by two Silent Gale 4 fans and the waterblock has some interesting features hidden under the removable magnetic covering.

Inside that cover is a small fan to ensure there is extra airflow around the socket itself, a good idea considering how crowded some sockets are on modern motherboards; extra cooling in that area should have a benefit.  The waterblock also features a programmable IPS display with a 320×240 resolution that you can display any number of things on.

While the cooler looks great, TechPowerUp’s testing shows that the CORELIQUID S280 is not just another pretty face, the performance on AMD was well above average and incredible on Intel even if it is a wee bit loud.  The problem is the price, at $243 it’s price to performance rating is rather poor even if the cooler itself is more effective at moving heat.  If you do need better cooling at any cost and are in love with the IPS display however, then the review should be right up your alley.

I will be looking at MSI's MEG CORELIQUID S280 all-in-one liquid cooler in today's review. Like the MPG CORELIQUID K240, this offering does have an LCD screen on the pump. Additionally, there is an extra built-in fan to improve airflow to the area around the socket.

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