The New Creative Soundbar Is Open, Listen To The Stage 360 2.1 With Dolby Atmos

Source: NiKKTECH The New Creative Soundbar Is Open, Listen To The Stage 360 2.1 With Dolby Atmos

2.1 Sound Bolstered By Dolby Atmos

As NiKKTECH points out, a true 5.1 sound system will give you better positional audio; assuming your audio driver is behaving, than a 2.1 system with software to emulate 5.1.  The problem being that a decent 5.1 system tends to bring with it a price that might be beyond what someone is willing to spend, especially if they have already invested in a good 5.1 headset.  That is where soundbars come in, offering a decent compromise between quality and cost; as well as making a great centre channel and bass if you ever upgrade your speakers.

The new Creative Stage 360 soundbar expands on their previous Stage V2, replacing the mid-range drivers with racetrack drivers, shrinking the overall size and adding Dolby Atmos support as well.  Inputs include Bluetooth, three HDMI ports, of which one provides ARC connectivity, and a optical in if you are looking to hook up to something lacking HDMI.   The two racetrack drivers are 60W each, the long throw sub 120W and can be configured for large or small rooms.

If this is the sort of thing you are looking for, take a peek at NiKKTECH’s review for more details.

The Dolby Atmos Stage 360 soundbar is Creative’s answer for people on a tight budget and today I’m taking it for a spin.

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