Delid your Alder Lake with Rockit Cool’s 12th Gen Delid & Relid Kit

Source: Rockit Cool Delid your Alder Lake with Rockit Cool’s 12th Gen Delid & Relid Kit

Rockit Cool Releases its Warranty Guillotine for Intel’s Latest

If you’re tired of seeing your new i9-12900KS hitting triple digits temps, then Rockit Cool has just the ticket for you.  Their new delidding tool and IHS replacement kit has been available for about a month now, and several sources have been reporting excellent results so far.

Kit Guru has an article and accompanying video showing the use of the tool which can be found here.  More famously, Linus Tech Tips reviewed the delid tool with the addition of Rockit Cool’s full copper IHS.  They had excellent results despite Linus dropping the CPU, twice. Click here to witness the trauma (YouTube).

Stock vs Delid Intel 12th Gen 5.1GHz Rockit Cool Chart

In case you’re wondering, yes this mod will absolutely void your warranty and Ryan Shrout might just come directly to your house and slap you, although we’ve not received a full confirmation from Intel about the latter.  So far the results from reviewers and customers have shown drops of ten or more degrees C, while allowing the CPU to draw even more power.

So if you’re one of those people who desires to seek out every micrometer of performance from your PC, you’re willing to use the cooling necessary to take advantage of a delidded processor, and you can afford the risk, you.  At the time of writing, I have yet to find any claims from either reviewers, or purchasers, that the Rockit Cool kit has damaged their CPU.

The kit can be found on Rockit Cool’s online store for $59.99 USD.

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