PNY Announces XLR8 SSD Cover with Integrated Heatsink for PS5

PNY Announces XLR8 SSD Cover with Integrated Heatsink for PS5

PNY Has Your PS5 SSD Heatsink Needs Covered

PNY is announcing availability of a new XLR8 SSD product for the Sony PS5, but this isn’t an SSD (as you may have noticed from the PR image above), it’s an SSD cover. The full product name is the PNY XLR8 SSD Cover with Integrated Heatsink, and it “is engineered to replace the standard SSD cover and offers easy installation when upgrading the expanded SSD storage”.

XLR8 PS5 SSD Cover Heatsink in Use

“PNY XLR8 SSD Cover with Integrated Heatsink is the ideal solution for enthusiasts and pro gamers looking to optimize performance by upgrading to the latest NVMe SSD feature. PNY’s exclusive new design integrates the SSD cover with an extruded aluminum heatsink, that improves the cooling efficiency of an installed* NVMe SSD. Enjoy lightning fast game launches and incredible game performance even during the most intense gaming sessions. Wait less, game more.”

Product Specification

  • Compatible with M.2 22110, 2280, 2260, 2242, 2230 single or double side SSD
  • Thermal conductivity: Thermal pad 1.5W/mk
  • Heatsink material / finish: Aluminum / Anodized black
  • Included spare screws x1 + Thermal pad
  • PNY XLR8 PS5 SSD Cover Heatsink Bottom

    While not bundled with any storage drive, PNY mentions that this is “the ideal heatsink to compliment the PNY XLR8 CS3140 NVMe SSD”, which is their fast Gen4 x4 option with up to 7500 MB/s reads and 5650 MB/s writes.

    The PNY XLR8 SSD Cover with Integrated Heatsink carries an MSRP of $19.99, and will be available this month at, Amazon, “and other eTail partners”.

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