Podcast #670 – RTX 3090 Ti Launch, Intel Arc Mobile Graphics, GPU Pricing Drops, and MORE

It’s another week, and this time we actually have a new graphics card release that’s semi-available to buy! For $2k. And, while having the fastest hardware for PC gaming has become a hobby for only the wealthy among us, that is FINALLY changing this year, we think. We talked about this possible downward trend in GPU prices, along with other things. The list is way down below.

Also, we did miss a Patreon sponsor that altered their pledge last week, and that would be, of course: Sir Bogitive, FabricationLabs.  You “Sir”, are a monster…heh.

And a big thank you to our sponsors this week:
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Gigantic words and thank you to our Patreon members both new and current ones that are bumping their patronage!  Could not be doing this without you all!
This show cannot go on without you – you know who you are, please consider helping our efforts. It most definitely helps keep us on the air.  Thank you!

Show Topics

00:00 Intro
00:34 Burger of the Week
02:34 RTX 3090 Ti launches (and it’s available!)
11:15 Intel Arc Discrete GPUs arrive (on mobile)
24:58 Podcast Sponsor – Kolide
26:23 GPU prices are dropping
30:48 3D from 2D
34:23 RIP GIF creator (and we end the pronunciation debate forever!)
36:08 Also RIP TRS-80 creator
38:48 Podcast Sponsor – TextExpander
39:53 Gaming ‘quick hits’
45:14 Some good security news?
48:22 Hacking group caught
51:01 IPV6 security
53:42 Picks of the Week
1:00:47 Awkward jump-cut to awkward outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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