The SilverStone SUGO 16 Offers A Wee Update

Source: TechPowerUp The SilverStone SUGO 16 Offers A Wee Update

A New Home For Your Mini-DTX Or Mini-ITX System?

Last year Sebastian looked at the SilverStone SUGO 15, awarding a Gold Award due to the not just the looks of the case but also the design decisions which SilverStone made.  Now there is a new version, the SilverStone SUGO 16 which is up for review at TechPowerUp.  It is even more compact than the previous model, at 200 (W) x 232 (H) x 280 mm (D) (7.9×9.1×11.0″).  It is still able to fit in an ATX PSU if that is all you have, but that will limit the size of the radiator you can install.

The limitations on watercooling may not be such a problem though, as TPU discovered that this case performs much better when air cooled due to some panels being partially blocked by hardware and the extra airflow helps mitigate that.   You also won’t need that wee Noctua cooler we mentioned on the podcast, the SUGO 16 can fit air coolers of up to 172mm and a 275mm GPU.

The review also covers SilverStone’s SST-ST1000-PTS PSU and PF120 AIO CPU cooler, which they used in the test build.

The SilverStone SUGO 16 is a compact, almost cube-shaped chassis with a volume of a mere 13 liters. With its steel construction, it strives to be an SFF chassis that offers a mix of hardware compatibility for those not looking to push the performance envelope while fitting into compact desktop spaces.

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