A Chat With AMD’s Robert Hallock

Source: TechPowerUp A Chat With AMD’s Robert Hallock

It’s Over 7000, Ryzen And Radeon Both

If you still have questions about AMD’s tease of Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 and EPYC Genoa processors along with their Radeon 7000 GPUs then perhaps this interview will help your curiosity.  For instance it was not perfectly clear what was meant by AI acceleration, and now we know the processors will support AVX 512 VNNI for neural networking and AVX 512 BLOAT16 for inferencing.  They also touched on cooling, asking about the speed holes on the side of the new processors and how well AM4 coolers will work on the AM5 socket.

He also discusses the graphics portion of the chip, as all 6nm processors will have an integrated CPU of some description on them.  This does not meant that every Ryzen 7000 will be an APU, as AMD considers an APU something able to run games.  Instead many models will have a light duty GPU, capable of sending a signal to a monitor, handle video encode/decode, and Office programs, perhaps even to run a home theater PC.

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AMD just announced their new Zen 4-based Ryzen 7000 desktop processors. We sat down with AMD's Robert Hallock and asked him a load of technical questions to learn more about what to expect from the new platform, its highlights, and capabilities.

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  1. collie man

    One wonders what kinda power they are talking with the intergraded but not gaming grade graphics. Of course I’m wonderin about the high end, and if they will have something in the R5 range with top power graphics, and will it be a truly be possible to make a reasonable 1080p gaming rig without a graphics card….. but I’m getting off track. One (me) wonders about the non gaming intergrated graphics and how they would compare with the first end APUs graphics power, like Llano or Trinity benchmarked against them….. but I supose that would be impossible due to the FAR inferior cpu component and DDR3 V DDR5 but one wonders how they line up.


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