AMD Has Officially Corrected Ryzen 7000 Power Limit: It’s 230W

Source: Tom's Hardware AMD Has Officially Corrected Ryzen 7000 Power Limit: It’s 230W

AMD Clarifies Processor Power Point

The confusion continues, and we have a new official PPT figure, which is Package Power Tracking (max power), and we finally have an official TDP, days after AMD’s Computex 2022 Ryzen 7000 showcase. No, this isn’t old news – the official “170W is PPT not TDP” narrative (Twitter link) is from three days ago. This is different, as AMD has now decided internally that the 170W figure isn’t actually PPT, and was supposed to be TDP, and PPT is 230W.

Got it? Well, don’t get too comfortable as it’s liable to change again. Or maybe I’m just “twice shy” on reporting facts that AMD’s design team and their technical marketing can’t effectively communicate to each other before launch events. They did apologize, calling an “error”, so I should just accept this.

AMD at Computex 2022 AM5 Platform Screengrab

Someone please decide what the TDP and PPT will actually be before showing these PPT slides. Wait – is that what PPT really stands for? PowerPoint?? Can’t be.

And now, the source material. Here is a quote from Tom’s Hardware, quoting AMD:

AMD issued the following to Tom’s Hardware:

“AMD would like to issue a correction to the socket power and TDP limits of the upcoming AMD Socket AM5. AMD Socket AM5 supports up to a 170W TDP with a PPT up to 230W. TDP*1.35 is the standard calculation for TDP v. PPT for AMD sockets in the “Zen” era, and the new 170W TDP group is no exception (170*1.35=229.5).

“This new TDP group will enable considerably more compute performance for high core count CPUs in heavy compute workloads, which will sit alongside the 65W and 105W TDP groups that Ryzen is known for today. AMD takes great pride in providing the enthusiast community with transparent and forthright product capabilities, and we want to take this opportunity to apologize for our error and any subsequent confusion we may have caused on this topic.”

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