Podcast #675 – Intel & AMD Earnings, Radeon 6×50 Rumors, USA Made Headphone Amp, Edge VPN + MORE!

Lacking any sense of originality at this moment, five older guys attempt not to yell over each other for an hour and thirteen minutes. 
Plus AMD is had a great year, Edge includes a VPN of sorts, CAS28 DDR5, Intel buys SIRU, Amazon Echo listens because it cares, Radeon 6X50 rumors, and write once SSDs!  Plus more, as usual.  See below for the deets.

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Show Topics

00:00 Cold Open
00:10 Intro
05:06 Burger of the Week
07:44 Intel Financials
12:24 AMD Financials
29:30 MS Edge VPN
31:44 G.Skill DDR5 at CAS 28
33:25 The Write-Once SSD?
35:21 Intel Buys SIRU
38:21 AMD Radeon 6×50 XT Rumors
41:09 Gaming Quick Hits
47:50 Apple Silicon Vulnerability
51:00 Amazon’s Echo Listens (because it CARES)
54:12 Geshelli ARCHEL 2.5 XL Headphone Amp Review
1:05:40 Picks of the Week
1:12:32 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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