Silicon Tapas, Spain To Invest $13 Billion In Semiconductor Fabs

Silicon Tapas, Spain To Invest $13 Billion In Semiconductor Fabs

Another Step In Diversifying Semiconductor Supply

Spain is joining countries like the US and the UK, along with several other EU members in making a major investment in semiconductor fabs.  Spain intends to spend US$13.2 billion over the next five years which will cover every area in the design and production of microchips.  That is rather broad in stroke and shallow in details but some assumptions can be made.  This is unlikely to indicate new fabs for AMD, Intel or NVIDIA but instead fab lines to build the more general purpose components which have been in short supply for the past two years and have impacted far more people than just us PC lovers. 

This comes in addition to the EU’s plan to spend US$48 billion in new fabs for exactly the same reason, as they try to diversify the global supply of semiconductors.  Europe isn’t the only one, as the current US government have also announced their intent to spend a hefty $52 billion, though in that case we do know at least some of that money will go to incentivize Intel and other established semiconductor providers to expand their US based production.

This will have little effect on the market for now, but should help reduce the impact of future shortages somewhat.

The project was directed at boosting the EU's weak position in microchip production, which Calvino said represented some 10% of the world total. She said this led to a great dependence on a small number of major producers such as Taiwan, the United States, South Korea, Japan and China.

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