Tempting Us By Bringing The Good Features Back To Sound Recorder To Windows 11

Source: Ars Technica Tempting Us By Bringing The Good Features Back To Sound Recorder To Windows 11

No Sign Of Movie Maker’s Return

Microsoft continues to search for innovative ways to convince people to beta test their new OS for free, the newest temptation is the restoration of old features to Sound Recorder on Windows 11.  They have retained the features of the anemic replacement from Windows 10 called Voice Recorder, which if you’ve never used offers the ability to make sound recordings, and even trim them to a limited amount.  Unfortunately it only allowed you to save those recordings as M4A files.

The new Sound Recorder which is being revealed in the Windows Insiders Dev channel restores the ability to export your audio as MP3, WMA, FLAC, and WAV in addition to M4A.  Visually it will resemble Voice Recorder’s two column interface; playback and trimming controls to the right, files to the left.  It will add a visualizer to the interface for both recording and playback, which may greatly help when you are trimming your recordings.   It will also add the ability to change the playback speed from 0.25x up to 4x, as well as letting you set markers within a audio recordings so you can jump from point to point while editing.

Perhaps this might tempt some people to try out Windows 11, but I suspect it won’t be a large migration.

Windows 11 has also updated a bunch of built-in Windows apps that haven't gotten attention since the Windows 7 days or even earlier, including Paint and Notepad.

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