The Modular Framework Laptop Is Actually Upgradable!

Source: Ars Technica The Modular Framework Laptop Is Actually Upgradable!

Get The New Intel 12th Gen Framework Laptop Or Upgrade The One You Have

The Framework laptop which was launched last year offered three unique features; the ability to buy without RAM or storage installed, a modular design, custom I/O modules to let you choose what ports were on the laptop and swap if you change your mind, and finally the ability to upgrade the laptop’s CPU.  Ars Technica proved the veracity of the first two claims in their review last year but there has been no way to test that last feature … until now.

Framework have launched a brand new laptop based on Intel’s 12th gen processor, with a complete Core i5 model starting at $1,049 or one without memory nor storage starting at $819.  If you already have a Framework Laptop then for $499 you can upgrade to a new motherboard and an i5-1240P, $538 if you want the new cover that Framework designed as well.  If you are looking for something more powerful, a i7-1260P with motherboard is $699, $788 for the full kit or go big with a i7-1280P for $1,049/$1,138.

You will need to be able to remove the old motherboard and CPU and install the new one, but there are in depth guides on how to do that.  Ars Technica can give you more details if you are intrigued by the Framework laptop.

An upgradeable laptop is only worthwhile if you can actually upgrade it, though, and Framework is making that possible starting today: The company is introducing a new iteration of the Framework Laptop's motherboard that uses 12th-gen Intel CPUs.

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