Blimey! Fallout: London Has A Release Date … And Elephants

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Blimey!  Fallout: London Has A Release Date … And Elephants

Forget Deathclaws, I’m Worried About Mutant Hedgehogs

There have been a number of mods for Fallout: New Vegas, many of which were more like addins than total modifications and often they were of questionable quality.  The dialogue and choices were often a little strange or at least not up to the quality we expect from Fallout games, which to be honest is often already questionable.  There are a few teams working on Fallout 4 conversions, including Fallout: Cascadia which takes place in Seattle who do not have a release date yet but that is no longer true for Fallout: London.

The team working on this total conversion announced they will be ready to launch next year, impressive for a mod that was first announced barely 12 months ago.  The trailer which accompanied this news looks quite impressive and shows how different post-apocalyptic London will be compared to the various locations we’ve travelled in the US.

Take a look over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN and start wondering just what you can do with a war elephant.

Post-apocalyptic mod Fallout: London will arrive next year, the development team have announced with a new video released as part of the Fallout For Hope charity initiative. It’s a DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4 that’s bringing the unchanging nuclear war across the pond.

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