Choose Your Own EK-Quantum, The Surface S360 Or Surface X360M

Source: TechPowerUp Choose Your Own EK-Quantum, The Surface S360 Or Surface X360M

Are You Looking For Something Thick, Or Something Thin?

EK-Quantum have updated their line of radiators for 2022 with their new Surface line, the Surface X360M and Surface S360.  The coolers both make use of three 120mm fans, just like the name implies, but they are different beasts.  The X360M measures 405 (L) x 130 (W) x 58 (H) mm and has five BSP ports. The S360 is more svelte at 405 (L) x 130 (W) x 30 (H) mm and two 1/4″ BSP ports, if the X360M is too thick in your case.

The EK-Quantum Surface X360M is larger than many cases will accommodate, so make sure to measure twice before cutting a cheque.   The extra size is worth it if you need serious cooling, as the X360M is one of the better performing radiators TechPowerUp has tested.  It is also modder friendly as EK-Quantum will be selling replacement cover plates so you can swap the stock one out for something you prefer.

The EK-Quantum Surface S360 on the other hand, should fit in just about any case thanks to it’s smaller dimensions.  When tested it proved to be as impressive as it’s bigger sibling, at least when compared to other thin radiators.  It doesn’t match the thermals of te X360M, but among other thin radiators it is one of the best.

The other difference is the price, with the Surface X360M costing $150 it is a bit more expensive than the competition, however at $98 the Surface S360 matches or beats the competition in price to performance.

The new EK-Quantum Surface radiators are a great refresh of the lineup. In this review we take a look at the 58-mm thick Surface X360M triple 120 mm radiator with excellent thermal performance, ultra-low coolant flow restriction, and multiple ports to use or choose from—it is modder friendly, too!

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