Move Over Elden Ring? Steelrising Is A Soulslike Featuring A Robotic French Revolution

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Move Over Elden Ring?  Steelrising Is A Soulslike Featuring A Robotic French Revolution

Let Them Eat Cyber-Cake?

The proletariat is angry, and to defeat Louis XVI’s mechanical army you will play as Aegis, one of the first robots you’ve ever played that sports a powered wig.  The setting is in a war ravaged Paris in an alternate timeline, with robots roaming the streets, balconies and cathedrals to keep the rabble in line and under royal rule.  The gameplay will be familiar, with health and stamina bars depleting as you battle for your freedom, bosses squatting in their lairs and plenty of roaming robots ready to take you down in one or two swats if you aren’t paying attention.

The weapons are a mix of firearms and melee, some of the ones shown in the gameplay teaser at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN look rather unique to this game and will be interesting to figure out how best to make use of them.  Steelrising will also include a grappling hook to let you access the various balconies and other out of reach places throughout Paris, and killing some bosses will let you increase your mobility with in air dashing and other tricks.  It is a rough year to be launching a Soulslike, but this one looks like it might be different enough to compete against Elden Ring.

Speaking of the hugely popular Elden Ring, if you find yourself lonely while roaming through the game keep an eye out for the release of the Elden Ring Seamless Co-Op mod.  It tweaks the summoning system in the game that allows you to summon a friend to fight a boss is defeated or clear an area, only to have them leave on you into a permanent companion.  The game will also save both you and your partners progress, so once you defeat a boss together, that boss will be dead in your single player game as well.    You will have to share the drops though!

The game's set during the French Revolution of 1789 but puts a robotic spin on history: King Louis XVI has a mechanical army that's suppressed the revolution with blood and bolts. You play as Aegis, a republican automaton designed specifically to win the robot war and wrest Paris from the royalists' cold, unfeeling hands.

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