Samsung Neo G8 and Neo G7 Monitors Now Available

Source: Samsung Samsung Neo G8 and Neo G7 Monitors Now Available

A Pair of Premium 32-inch 4K High Refresh Curved Monitors

Samsung’s 2022 Odyssey Neo displays are now available, with two new 32-inch curved models for 2022. The first is the Neo G8, first announced at CES 2022, which claims the title of “the world’s first 240Hz 4K gaming monitor”. The second is the Neo G7 (not to be confused with the non-Neo Odyssey G7), also 4K, offering a 165 Hz refresh rate.

“Today, Samsung announced the availability of the 2022 Odyssey Neo G8 and Neo G7 gaming monitors, further reinforcing the Odyssey’s industry-leading position in delivering the most immersive and lifelike gaming experience available on the market. The Neo G8 – the world’s first 240Hz 4K gaming monitor – is available in a 32-inch format, offering super-realistic picture quality, rapid response times and premium performance.”

And for a closer look at both models, with a heavy emphasis on PR copy (read the full press release from Samsung by following this link).

The Odyssey Neo G8 (G85NB)

Samsung Neo G8 and Neo G7 Monitors Now Available - Displays 5

The new 32-inch Odyssey Neo G8 is the world’s first and fastest monitor that combines a 4K (3,840 x 2,160) 1000R curved VA panel featuring Quantum Matrix Technology, with 240Hz super-fast refresh rate and 1ms response time (GtG¹). The 4K resolution is also supported by a color gamut up to 95% of DCI-P3 color gamut. The design of the Neo G8 was inspired by the iconic style of the Odyssey Neo G9, offering an effortlessly cool exterior that is packed with premium gaming performance features.

Together with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, the gaming monitor’s outstanding 4K 240Hz refresh rate and ultra-low 1ms response time allow players to get real-world accuracy to maximize their potential and compete at the highest level in any gaming environment. The Neo G8 also utilizes Quantum Mini LED technology, enabling ultra-fine and precise control of the densely packed LEDs, ensuring gamers see both dark and bright scenes as they were intended. In addition, Quantum HDR 2000 with a 2,000nit peak brightness and a million-to-one static contrast ratio brings out the most subtle details for unparalleled immersion.

Odyssey Neo G7 (G75NB)

Samsung Neo G8 and Neo G7 Monitors Now Available - Displays 6

For those that don’t require bleeding-edge refresh rates, Samsung’s new Odyssey Neo G7 is, like the Neo G8, a 32-inch 4K monitor with 1000R curved VA panel, but it offers a “slower” 165 Hz refresh rate – still more than enough for “premium gaming performance”.

This performance is powered by many of the same features as the Odyssey Neo G8 model, including AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, Quantum Mini LED technology, as well as Quantum HDR 2000 with 2,000nit peak brightness and a million-to-one static contrast ratio for superior immersion that plunges players into the virtual world of any game they play.

The deep immersion is enhanced by the CoreSync lighting found on the rear of the monitor, bringing content to life with bright and vivid colors that create more memorable experiences.

Deviating from the PR for a moment, let’s explore the CoreSync lighting mentioned above for a moment. Ambient lighting for monitors (and TVs) is nothing new, but it’s a pretty cooling looking implementation from Samsung here:

“The CoreSync lighting found on the backside of the monitor automatically detects colors on the screen and projects them in real life to create a deeper sense of immersion.”


The Odyssey Neo G8 will set you back $1499.99 USD, and can currently only be found direct from Samsung. The Odyssey Neo G7 carries an MSRP of $1299.99 USD, and is also only listed for sale direct from Samsung right now.

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  1. psuedonymous

    “Quantum HDR 2000”

    Whoop whoop bullshit alert!
    Since this ‘Quantum HDR’ is a ‘standard’ made up by Samsung along, they can claim whatever they want about it and have people assume it has any relation with the VESA Displayed certification. In reality, it has none.
    These two monitors do at least have mention of a FALD backlight buried in their spec sheets, but no way to compare actual capability to other monitors based on Samsung’s nonsense-rating on its own without future independent testing.


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