The ADATA XPG LEVANTE 360 RGB Is Only Loud To Your Eyes

Source: The FPS Review The ADATA XPG LEVANTE 360 RGB Is Only Loud To Your Eyes

Quiet Performance For Those That Do Not Overclock

The ADATA XPG LEVANTE 360 RGB is designed for a specific use, based on the results that The FPS Review observed.  If you are an overclocker, then this AiO cooler is not for you as it struggled to cool a 10980XE running at 4300MHz on all cores and couldn’t handle 4700MHz at all.  However for stock clocks the cooler kept the CPU nicely cool, even with the fans slacking off to a mere 600rpm it still barely breached 80C.

Then again, you don’t really need to reduce the fan speed.  When the pump is running at 100% and the fans spinning at their full 2000RPM, the ADATA XPG LEVANTE 360 RGB only produces 47.4dBA.   That would fall to a whisper at 600RPM, for 35.8dBA is pretty much drowned out by ambient noise.   

The other reason to pick up this cooler are the RGBs, of which the fans sport a plethora.  

The XPG LEVANTE 360 is an all-in-one (AIO) CPU cooler that is designed to work on a wide variety of sockets. These include Intel’s LGA 115x/1200/1366/1700/2011/2066 and AMD’s AM4 and TR4 sockets. Of note, while they claim TR4 support, the bracket is not included in the kit. Overall, the XPG LEVANTE 360 covers all current-day sockets by default.

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