What’s A GeForce GTX 1630?

Source: TechPowerUp What’s A GeForce GTX 1630?

Meet The Gainward GeForce GTX 1630 Ghost

The GTX 1630 might be a brand new card but it is based on the very familiar Turing architecture, specifically the 12nm TU117 chip.  The PCIe 3.0 card sports 512 shader cores, 16 ROPs, a core GPU clock of 1740MHz that can Boost to 1785MHz, and 4GBs of GDDR6 running at 1500MHz.  Those specs fall below the GTX 1650 and as you might expect so does the performance.

TechPowerUp’s benchmarking of the Gainward GeForce GTX 1630 Ghost show it struggling with gameplay at 1080p, though it is faster than an old RX 560.  The GPU managed to get Doom Eternal briefly above 40fps, with a handful of other games managing to break through 30fps; the average across all games was an anaemic 24fps.

The only really good news is that it is to retail for about $150, unheard of for a GPU in 2022.  That does make it more affordable, but unless you are running something like an RX 560 or GT 1030 this is not going to be an upgrade.  The card also lacks a lot of features, no DLSS support nor AV1 decode which could limit it as a media card.   

It would be interesting to see a head to head comparison against Intel and AMD APUs in SFF media systems, as the 75W power consumption and 23dBA under load could make it a very effective choice in an HTPC.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1630 launches today. The new card is targeted at the sub-$200 segment and goes right head-to-head with AMD's Radeon RX 6400 and Intel's ARC A380. Unlike the Radeon, the GTX 1630 has support for the full PCIe x16 interface.

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  1. collie man

    I’d expect plenty of these to show up in Big Box “Gaming systems” in the not to distant. And it will be described as “Powerful Next generation Gaming Graphics from NVIDIA”

    Search you’re feelings, you know this to be true.

    • Sebastian Peak

      Considering that right now on Dell’s website a $1299 Alienware Aurora R13 sports a GTX 1650 Super, I think you’re spot on. In fairness, this $1299 gaming system does also boast an Intel Core i5-12400F and a whopping 8GB of memory. I guess we should consider the graphics card a free gift at that point.

      • collie man

        I’ve recently seen a system from Walmart, with a 9700k, 8gb, great case, sexy LED fans, whole nine yards. BUT it had a 750ti in it. Are there even drivers for that card? Everything but the card was great, and I suppose it’s the easiest thing to replace but I feel like the non-hardware-obbsessed could be convinced into purchase without understanding. There are plenty with the 1030 also, listed as “Powerful Nvidia Graphics” so I fully expect the 1630 to take some of that space.


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