XVX’s M84 Coral Sea Is A Fancy 75% Mechanical Keyboard

Source: TechPowerUp XVX’s M84 Coral Sea Is A Fancy 75% Mechanical Keyboard

The Spacebar Is As Big As A Whale And It’s About To Set Sail

XVX offer you the chance to have a very unique keyboard with their M84 Coral Sea mechanical keyboard.   There are 84 colourful keys on this keyboard, slightly smaller than a traditional TKL as XVX removed the Scroll Lock, Insert, and right Win keys.  The M84 Coral Sea ships with either Gateron Red or Yellow RGB switches, though it ships with a removal tool to make it easy for you to swap them out if you so desire.

The software will be familiar to keyboard aficionados, it is a reskin of the OEM software that ships with many keyboards on the market today. It will let you do an almost obscene amount of lighting effects and colours, to the point that TechPowerUp ended up a little frustrated while configuring it; a delay in the effect starting and a les than optimum colour scheme detracted a little bit from the otherwise great software.

Take a gander at the full review.

XVX splashes into the TechPowerUp review database with its M84 Coral Sea theme keyboard. It adopts a custom aquatic design throughout and pairs it with two Gateron switch options, hybrid wireless connectivity, feature-rich software and hardware customization, and a price that is nearly the same as the employed 75% form factor!

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