CORSAIR Launches Updated HXi Series Power Supplies

Source: CORSAIR CORSAIR Launches Updated HXi Series Power Supplies

Your Choice of 1500W or 1000W Fully Modular 80 PLUS Platinum Power

CORSAIR has just announced a pair of new power supplies for 2022, with the HX1500i and HX1000i. These digital PSUs are both fully modular and offer ultra-low noise, according to CORSAIR, and the company goes on to state that these deliver “unwavering 80 PLUS Platinum-certified power for today’s most demanding and ambitious systems”.

Using a fully digital platform to provide unparalleled performance and advanced features such as control over fan curves and power settings integrated into CORSAIR iCUE software, the HXi Series is ready to power your new premium PC build running the latest 12th Gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor and high-performance graphics card.

CORSAIR HX1500i with cables

Building upon the all-digital legacy of the renowned CORSAIR AXi Series, the new HXi Series power supplies offer the power, efficiency, and stability to match today’s, and tomorrow’s, most power-hungry enthusiast components. Cybenetics-Platinum certified and rated for up to 91% efficiency, HXi PSUs draw less power and create less heat at comparable loads, while a high-performance 140mm fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fan keeps your PSU cool with impressively low noise, rated A for HX1000i and A- for HX1500i by Cybenetics.

Support for 0 RPM PWM signals means the fan can even switch off entirely at low and medium loads, for near-silent operation. The HX1500i and HX1000i are both built with 100% industrial-grade, 105°C rated Japanese electrolytic capacitors, on a fully digital platform with resonant LLC topology and DC-to-DC conversion, guaranteeing exceptionally steady and reliable performance.

CORSAIR HX1000i with cables

These power supplies are both 80 Plus Platinum certified, offer Fluid Dynamic Bearing fans, and carry a 10-year warranty. Of course these are also iCUE enabled, allowing for full fan control, real-time power output/efficiency monitoring, and toggling between single/multi-rail overcurrent protection directly from the software.

The 1000 watt HX1000i (CP-9020214-NA) has a list price of $259.99 USD, while the 1500 watt HX1500i (CP-9020215-NA) is listed at $399.99 USD.

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