de next, A Really Tiny Intel Core i7 System From AAEON

Source: The Register de next, A Really Tiny Intel Core i7 System From AAEON

It’s Not Much Larger Than A Stack Of Credit Cards

If you are not familiar with AAEON, they are the industrial arm of ASUS who develops hardened products for use in robotics, manufacturing and other industries.  Their products tend to be much smaller and more heat tolerant than your average SFF system, as they are found on the production floor, which is a much more trying environment than your PC is used to.  That doesn’t mean you can’t pick one up to play with, like their new de next model which features an Intel i7-1185G7E.

This tiny system offers support for up to 16GB of LPDDR4x memory, an M.2 2280 that supports PCIe 3, three SATA ports and outputs including HDMI 1.4b, DisplayPort, two Ethernet ports, two USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, and a DC power jack.  If the i7-1185G7E system is a bit much for you, there are also an i3-1115G4E and a i5-1145G7E version as well.  If AMD is more your preference, AAEON also offers two de next systems powered by Ryzen Embedded V2000 chips.

The board is 86mm x 55mm which should fit perfectly anywhere, though the thickness depends on what you add to the board, an M.2 drive does take up far less space than a SATA drive.  As well, there is a fan and heatsink you can add that also adds to the thickness.   Unfortunately there is no price posted, but if it is not much more than the cost of the processor this could be a lot more fun to play with than your average Raspberry Pi.

These Aaeon boards are made for industrial purposes, such as transportation, robotics, and other environments where data needs to be processed close to the source.

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