Intel Arc Lineup Slide Shows All SKUs with Pricing, No Arc A780

Source: wccftech Intel Arc Lineup Slide Shows All SKUs with Pricing, No Arc A780

Say Goodbye to a GPU Which Only Existed in Rumor

While we generally end up sourcing graphics rumors and leaks from VideoCardz, with those either of the exclusive variety or coming from any number of sources, this time it was wccftech with the exclusive on what appears to be the final Intel Arc graphics lineup – with pricing. We know quite a bit about A380 at this point, but that’s just one model in the (apparently) 5-SKU lineup.

The lineup information comes via this slide, apparently shared with Intel’s partners and never meant for our tender, consumer eyes:

Intel Arc lineup slide from wccftech

At the top of the lineup sits the Arc A770, with the rumored A780 now “debunked” as Intel is claiming it was never planned in the first place. A certain former editor tweeted about it, and there are news posts like this one from VideoCardz on the subject. Was this canceled, or was it really never part of the plan at any stage? If you follow a certain AMD-focused post-Adored YouTube rumor outlet, you may have your doubts. Or we could just take Intel at their word.

In any case, it’s fun to see the drama unfold:

Intel Arc lineup slide from wccftech

The author at wccftech, Usman Pirzada, explains the likelihood that this is a final look at what we can expect from Arc, as “this is a document that Intel has already shared with their major Taiwanese partners so it is definitely accurate as of right now”, pointing out that “information shared with partners in this segment of the supply chain is usually final or close to final”.

Of course Intel could still launch a larger flagship GPU later on, RTX 3090 Ti style, but as of today it seems that the A770 will be the highest performing part in the lineup.

Intel Arc lineup slide from wccftech

Referencing the VideoCardz table above, we see three models with the ACM-G10 GPU. Starting at the bottom, there will be 16 Xe Cores enabled for the Arc A580, 24 Xe Cores for the A750, and (a full?) 32 Xe Cores for the A770. The highest two SKUs, the A750 and A770, offer a 256-bit memory interface, with between 8GB and 16GB of GDDR6 for the top card. The Arc A580 will be limited to a 128-bit memory interface.

Next we have the ACM-G11, the GPU at the heart of the heavily-covered Arc A380 card. The ACM-G11 in the Arc A380 has 8 Xe Cores enabled, with 6GB of GDDR6 on a 96-bit bus. A cut-down Arc A310 will be available at some point with only 4GB of GDDR6, dropping down to a 64-bit bus.

The Top SKU is Under $400

Pricing is a big part of the story, naturally, with the MSRP range for even the top SKU, the A770, listed between $349  and $399 USD. At this price point you get what may sit just below AMD’s Radeon RX 6650 XT and NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, based on positioning on the slide (if all of this ends of being official, of course).

The remaining prices make sense as the lineup is segmented in a typical fashion, with Intel clearly eyeing value-oriented gamers with this series. We talked about the A770’s price at the top, and at the bottom of the table the $99 Arc A310 sits below the A380’s known $129-$139 pricing.

Will these cards be disruptive in the DIY market? Will they ever be a part of the DIY market in the USA? At least one of those is probably going to happen. It’s also nice to see a sub-$100 MSRP on something again – though price/performance of an Arc A310 card with half the Xe Cores of the A380 (not to mention less memory bandwidth) might be tough even at that price.

As usual, we wait with baited breath.

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  1. DukeManrod

    Miss you Ryan.

  2. willmore

    Those thermal numbers don’t look very competetive. I wonder if that’s why no A780.

    But, I can’t bring myself to care, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my RX580 to an RX6900XT. I am not in the market for anything Intel produces in this segment.

  3. Arik

    But what is the hash rate?! For the next mining rush to come.


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