Sharkoon Returns! The ELITE SHARK CA700 ATX Case

Source: NiKKTECH Sharkoon Returns!  The ELITE SHARK CA700 ATX Case

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You are not going to mistake the Sharkoon ELITE SHARK CA700 case as there is not much on the market that resembles it.  You might consider that a boon, or perhaps this is finally the case that you have been searching for.  It seems to be a hybrid of an open air test case and a full tempered glass and steel.  There are even customization options, the case ships with two GPU mounting frames so you can vertically install GPUs of any size if you choose.

The ELITE SHARK CA700 is quite large for an ATX case, measuring 632 x 250 x 670 mm (24.9 x 9.8 x 26.4″) which gives you an immense amount of room to install components and cooling.   It also means there is a lot of space around the bottom mounted PSU which will give it better ariflow, something of a concern in this age of kilowatt PSUs.  As shipped, the cooling includes two 120 mm ARGB PWM fans on the front as well as three more on the top.  You can add an additional pair on the side panel if you wish, or replace any or all of the fans with radiators as you have plenty of space.

NikKTech appreciated the two pump/reservoir mounts built into the system, in addition to the features mentioned above.  The semi-open design helped both cooling and noise levels, however it is open enough for dust to become a concern.  It’s not inexpensive, especially considering you would have to ship it from the EU; Amazon does not seem to have it nor does NewEgg. 

At €277, it works out to $280US so we should expect a North American price a little lower than that but still over $200.

Open air/frame PC cases may not have really risen in popularity since their introduction in the market almost 15 years ago but unique eye-catching models like the ELITE SHARK CA700 by Sharkoon could soon change that.

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