2022 HACKADAY PRIZE, Bring Back Obsolete Tech With The Hack It Back Winners

Source: Hackaday 2022 HACKADAY PRIZE, Bring Back Obsolete Tech With The Hack It Back Winners

Hack It Back Into Working Order!

The latest winners of the 2022 Hackaday Prize are in the Hack It Back category, where entrants found ways to resurrect old technology and generally improve it’s functionality as well.  The projects are all rather unique in this category, and as with all the other entrants the project details, including parts and process, are freely available for anyone who would like to replicate them.

For instance, if you have an old Nokia 1680 phone (which obviously still works) that no longer has a network to connect to, why not use that to house some more modern hardware?  This project (name change upcoming due to Nokia disliking Notkia) gives you a way to design a custom PCB with exactly the same dimensions as the original PCB of the Nokia phone, and run Linux on it.  You will end up with a device that has LoRa+WiFI+BT connectivity, powered by an Ingenic X1000E and more secure that just about any modern phone on the market.

If you want to be even more obscure, how about Anders Nielsen’s Simple Universal Modem which is not just a universal modem able to communicate via any official protocol that existed but will also let you access data from deprecated storage media such as tape or even vinyl records.

Check them all out here.


Wow! We knew that the Hack it Back Challenge round of the Hackaday Prize would bring out the clever repairers among you, but we’re still impressed to see the results! This was a tough round for the judges, but they came up with a short list of ten finalists, and we’re pleased to bring them to you.

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  1. collie man

    Speaking of old things becoming new, I’m kinda suprised that you (Jer) havent done an article about the llama’s ass getting whiped again in 2022

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      They went full NFT so screw ’em!

      • collie man

        True, but to be fair the NFT they are selling is an Image they own and created, PLUS it does genualy have nostalgic value that some colectors would actualy want to own.

        I hate NFT just as much as the next guy, BUT atleast it’s not just some mild random slightly tweeked monkey picture that they cut and pasted then changed 2 pixels. IF they can make some pointless cash off from selling the skin of the original player, they’d be stupid not to.

        • Jeremy Hellstrom

          I’ll stick with @winampskins on Twitter, thank you very much!


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