be quiet! It’s A 20th Anniversary Celebration

be quiet! It’s A 20th Anniversary Celebration

The be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX 280 AIO And More

For their 20th Anniversary be quiet! is releasing a number of products including cases and coolers.  One such product is the Pure Loop 2 FX 280, a new version of their classic LCS.  They have increased the number of RGBs on both the fans and the CPU block to make them even more visible in your system, if you chose to upgrade.

Physically, be quiet! chose to decouple the pump instead of attaching it to either the radiator or the CPU block which seems to have resulted in much quieter operation than the original.  There is also a package of mounting brackets to ensure you can fit the Pure Loop 2 FX 280 into almost any case.  As for performance, that seems to depend on the processor you chose.  The LCS is one of the best 280mm coolers around when it comes to AMD processors; on Intel it is middle of the road.

Take a gander over at TechPowerUp for more details on the be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX 280 or scroll down for a look at some of the other new products from be quiet!.

For their 20th anniversary, be quiet! is introducing a new all-in-one CPU liquid cooler, the Pure Loop 2 FX 280. It comes with a great look, thanks to its ARGB lighting capability and performance is very respectable, too, especially on AMD Ryzen systems.

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