First USA Retail Intel Arc A380 Card is from ASRock, Listed on Newegg

Source: Newegg First USA Retail Intel Arc A380 Card is from ASRock, Listed on Newegg

Intel Arc has reached parity with the i740! Retail cards have hit our shores.

Yes, you read that correctly. Intel Arc Graphics are HERE! There is actually a listing on Newegg for a retail product, here in the USA, which you can buy with your hard-earned money. The listing is for an ASRock Challenger Arc A380, which is priced at $139.99 USD.

Newegg ASRock Challenger Arc A380 Screenshot listing (link), screenshot taken 08/16/22

Before you get too excited, this is currently back ordered, with an ETA date of 08/22/2022. And there’s a limit of 2 per customer. But still, it’s an actual retail product that you can actually buy. If Arc A380 excites you enough to make you want to spend $139.99 USD.

Drivers have been improving incrementally since Arc A380 first launched overseas, but performance is still pretty underwhelming, particularly as GPU availability and pricing has been getting better across the board. Perhaps the real question is, how many of these will be sold outside of media who were not sampled by Intel? (Just me?)

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  1. BigTed

    Okay, the 3D performance might be off, but one use case is the 4 monitor outputs. You don’t get that many on cheap nVidia or AMD cards.

    • Sebastian Peak

      Good point. Plus this has an AV1 encoder. Not bad for the price if you want it for productivity / video production.

  2. Operandi

    Another potential use is for a Plex server to for its potential use in transcoding. Not sure if its been tested yet or if Plex even knows how to use it though.

    • alex kretzschmar

      I just pre-ordered one to cover for the self-hosted podcast. This is the angle I’m most interested in, the Quicksync portion. Power usage, performance, and whether it passthrough via pci correctly meaning I could move my dedicated Blue Iris box to a VW.

  3. agello24

    the car is between a gtx 750ti and a gtx 950.


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