It’s The Lofree 1% Dual Mode Transparent Mechanical Keyboard

Source: TechPowerUp It’s The Lofree 1% Dual Mode Transparent Mechanical Keyboard

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If you ever wanted a see through keyboard then Lofree has just the thing, their 1% Dual Mode Transparent mechanical keyboard.   The name implies this keyboard only has a single key but in truth it is a more traditional 65% layout.  Connectivity is through a USB-A to USB-C or via Bluetooth 5.1, though TechPowerUp warns that the battery life is somewhat limited.

The switches are Kailh BOX Jellyfish and are able to glow brightly with white light, if you want more colours you will need to grab some gels or coloured keycaps.  If you stick with the Jellyfish keys the 1% Dual Mode Transparent mechanical keyboard sports transparent polycarbonate keycaps.

There is quite a bit to like about this board with nothing to hide, though there are a few shortcomings as well; read on to find out more.

Lofree enters the TechPowerUp review database with the novel, highly transparent 1% dual mode keyboard. It uses a custom polycarbonate case and keycaps paired with clear Kailh switches to make for a Bluetooth keyboard that looks like a set of ice crystals when lit up bright white!

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