Podcast #690 – Arc A380 on sale in USA, LoTR Keyboard, Fractal Focus 2, LIVA One A300, iOS VPN fail

First of all, if you’re here as a Josh Foodie Fan, turn back now.

This week is very heavy on product reviews, though we do begin with our traditional Intel Arc news – and this time there’s a retail card available right here in the USA! As if this isn’t enough to excite you into a frenzy, AMD is announcing a livestream in which they will announce new CPUs that you can eventually buy at a later date!

Gaming updates are right next to the hottest zero day vulnerabilities from some of your favorites like Apple and Chrome also.  Yum.  

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
02:02 Retail Intel Arc A380 card available in USA
04:55 Arc does DX9 via DX12
07:04 AMD’s upcoming livestream to announce new CPUs
09:18 All-new Rescuezila
12:02 Gaming Quick Hits
13:19 Realtek RTL819X vulnerability
18:08 Another Chrome zero-day
18:31 iOS VPNs leak data?
19:39 Drop LoTR keyboard
25:43 Monoprice Horizon TrueWireless ANC earbuds review
30:56 Fractal Focus 2 case review
43:43 ECS LIVA One A300 AMD mini PC barebone review
55:10 Picks of the Week
1:04:31 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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