Podcast #691 – RTX 4080 Lower Power? ASUS AM5 Boards, VESA ClearMR, V-Color DDR5-6600, Plex Breach + Way More!

First of all, if you’re here as a Josh Foodie Fan, tune in now.

RTX 4080 power projections and rumors, ASUS AM5 board updates and recall, new VESA ClearMR standards, Homekit is good, Hyundais get hacked, and Nvidia made less money.  V-Color DDR5-6600 review and much more.

Another installment of the world’s most famous podcast bearing the name PCPer. A full list of this week’s subjects can be found in the time stamps, below.

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
00:35 Burger of the Week
01:44 Lower power for NVIDIA RTX 4080 than we thought?
05:08 RTX 4090 (allegedly) already in production
06:09 NVIDIA’s woeful earnings are official
14:32 ASUS announces AM5 motherboard
17:15 Some X670 chipset discussion (Sebastian is confused, Josh is right)
18:39 Certain ASUS ROG Z690 HERO mobos recalled
20:00 Yet another display standard! VESA ClearMR
26:41 Somehow Homekit and Home Assistant are good?
29:00 Ad break: TextExpander
30:20 We talk altogether too long about a UST projector
37:56 Moonbreaker: a pirate-themed, tabletop-style PC game
41:24 Plex breach
43:28 Hyundai car insecurity
45:20 Warhammer III Immortal Empires reviewed
52:38 V-Color DDR5-6600 reviewed
58:56 (late addition to news) Samsung 990 Pro SSD
1:02:30 Picks of the Week
1:10:21 Outro
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Picks of the Week

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