Razer’s New HyperPolling Wireless Dongle

Source: TechPowerUp Razer’s New HyperPolling Wireless Dongle

Giving Your Razer Wireless Mouse Superpowers?

If you have a Razer Viper V2 Pro, DeathAdder V3 Pro, or Basilisk V3 Pro and find that 1000Hz polling rate just too slow for your liking, then Razer has a new product you might want to pick up.  The Razer HyperPolling wireless dongle is capable of 2000Hz and 4000Hz polling rates, which should in theory significantly reduce the latency you experience when using one of those wireless mice.  It can only be purchased from Razer directly, for a price of $30.

In order to test the veracity of these claims, TechPowerUp made use of NVIDIA’s Latency Display Analysis Tool to measure the actual latency the dongle offers.  Those tests showed that the HyperPolling wireless dongle does indeed reduce the measured latencies, once TPU figured out how to move the mice in a way that actually required a 4000Hz polling rate.

It seems that in order to really benefit from this wireless dongle you need a system with a HEDT CPU and a 240 Hz or even 360 Hz display, otherwise your system is unlikely to handle a polling rate that high.  The dongle also drinks power, the Viper V2 Pro they tested usually held at least 80 hours of usage, which the HyperPolling wireless dongle reduced to around 24 hours.

If you do game competitively, especially games that support sub-frame input like Overwatch and Diabotical, have a high end CPU and a really fast monitor then this is something you could benefit from.  If not, it’s probably overkill but certainly won’t hurt.

Usable with any compatible Razer wireless mouse, the HyperPolling Wireless Dongle for the first time ever enables true 4000 Hz polling for a wireless gaming mouse. In this review, we'll explore and explain how the dongle works and test what benefits it offers.

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  1. collie man

    That “in order to really benefit….” bit makes me think of something Patric Norton said years ago on that show he did with Colleen and that tall guy, (yes I’m paraphrasing) “Peripherals are like golf clubs. They are made for the best of the best who can hit a mosquito in a huracane at 200 yards, but they are mostly sold to people who like buying nice things.”

  2. Smtin

    I will forever laugh at boomers/journalists who rarely ever game make comments like “it will barely matter unless you’re a pro”.

    As with all peripherals, they have a compounding effect.

    Sure 240hz isn’t much better than 144hz.
    Sure 1440p isn’t much better than 1080p.
    Sure a combined input lag of sub 10ms isn’t much better than sub 50ms.
    Sure excellent audio (bitrates/khz/response/imp) isn’t much better than okay audio.

    But don’t act like you have a clue if you can’t even notice the combined difference, being on an entirely different level regardless of skill level.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      GenX, thank you very much. You might be right, in that I prefer wired to wireless but from that review the speed at which you have to move the mouse in order to saturate the bus, I know I would never need this. Your mileage might vary.


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