The Netac NV7000 1TB SSD Offers A Lot Of Internal Variety

Source: TweakTown The Netac NV7000 1TB SSD Offers A Lot Of Internal Variety

Your Controller And Flash May Vary; Performance Should Not

The Netac NV7000 is an interesting beast as Netac freely admits that the internal controller and flash will vary from drive to drive, but should always be capable of 7000MB/s sequential read and around 5500MB/s write.  Their intent is to find the least expensive way to provide that performance, by not tying themselves to a specific controller or flash provider.  For instance, the NV7000 which TweakTown tested used a IG5236 M.2 PCIe Gen4 x4 controller with 128L SK hynix flash; not a combination we have seen before.

The drive was able to reach the advertised speeds, and thanks to the variable bill of materials it sells for just under $0.10/GB!  If you are willing to forgo the familiar to save some money, while still getting a serious amount of speed you should check out the Netac NV7000 PCIe 4.0 NVMe drive.  You won’t beat any records but you can’t beat the value.

Netac's NV7000 series is a variable BOM hyper-class PCIe Gen4 SSD that is guaranteed to deliver 7,000 MB/s throughput and unbeatable value.

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