Workstream – Monoprice’s Heavy Duty Gas Spring Desk Mount For A Single 32″ To 49″ Monitor

Manufacturer: Monoprice Workstream – Monoprice’s Heavy Duty Gas Spring Desk Mount For A Single 32″ To 49″ Monitor

Monitor stands are not the most exciting thing to review, for one thing it’s impossible to overclock them.  However they are incredibly useful, not just freeing up desk space but letting you choose a portrait or landscape setup and ones like the dual monitor version of the Workstream are pretty much required to properly enjoy multiple screens.  The Workstream model covered here is for single displays of a larger size, 32″ to up to 49″ and of up to 39.6 lbs.  That covers not just large displays like the Samsung Odyssey 49″ ultrawide monitor but also moderately sized TVs.

It can be mounted via a clamp or directly through a hole in desk or AV cabinet and ships with both a VESA 200 x 100 mount and one that can handle either VESA 75 x 75 or 100 x 100.   The build is powder‑coated aluminium and steel, the box weighing the better part of 20lbs with all the accessories inside.  The arm contains a gas spring with an adjustable tension to let you raise and lower the display easily while still ensuring it stays put when you let go.  You can also rotate and tilt your monitor by ±90 degrees.  All the tools you need are included, though double ended Allen keys would have been nice for working in tight quarters, as one end of both the provided keys sport a screwdriver head.

Product Specifications
  • Model Number: Workstream by Monoprice, Product # 43448
  • Compatibility:
    • VESA: 75 x 75, 100 x 100, 200 x 100
    • Mounts:  Edge‑Clamp and Through‑Hole
  • Overall Weight: 17.53 lbs
  • Box Dimensions: 27 x 12 x 7″
  • Material: Powder‑Coated Aluminium and Steel
  • Display Compatibility:
    • Dimensions: 32″ ~ 49″, 4:3 through 32:9
    • Weight: Up to 39.6 lbs
  • Adjustments:
    • Tilt Range ±90 degrees
    • Swivel Range ±90 degrees
    • Rotation Range ±90 degrees
  • Desk Thickness – 0.4 – 1.5″, 1.5 – 3.3″
  • Built-in Cable Management

$99.99 USD list, currently $85.99

Manufacturer Description

“This Heavy‑Duty Single‑Monitor Adjustable Gas‑Spring Desk Mount is the ideal desk mount for large and ultrawide 32″ ~ 49″ monitors. The gas spring counterbalances the weight of the monitor, allowing you to effortlessly raise or lower it, so once you install it, you can forget about using wrenches and screwdrivers to loosen and tighten clamps whenever you want to adjust the height. The arm is fully adjustable for angle and extension, while the mounting head can be rotated 90 degrees for landscape or portrait orientation. This mount is also perfect for use with height‑adjustable desks, so the monitor is always in the best position for your ergonomic health.”

Thing T. Thing

Monoprice offered to send out a monitor arm, which might not be the most exciting of products but then neither is your chair nor your desk; doesn’t mean you don’t need them.  The price of $85.99 made the Workstream interesting as other gas spring monitor arms at that price top out at 32 – 35″ and you probably shouldn’t put the life of an expensive monitor in it’s hands.  The box claimed it should be lifted with a partner and while that is bit of an exaggeration there is enough heft to the package to let you know the Workstream is serious.  The box and contents arrived in perfect condition, which is impressive with the better part of 20lbs of metal inside and this thing, apart from some of the cable management accessories, is all metal.

The assistant shipped separately.

Hot Under The Desk Action

You have the option of mounting the Workstream either through your desk, or clamped to the back and as it is too warm to contemplate the work involved in drilling a proper hole through the desk, it is time to crawl under, clean out the cobwebs and get to work.  As you can see the screws capture nicely in the clamping mechanism, which can be adjusted for thick desks, or thin ones like this poor thing.  Not chasing screws around under a desk is a definite benefit, though this was the point when I grabbed some of my own Allen keys as it is a tight fit under this desk.  Once you’ve mostly closed the gap, balancing the clamp plate is an easy task, before tightening everything down on the Workstream.

Raise Your Arms

The Workstream is big, reaching all the way from the rear to the front of my 23.8″ deep desk, and raising my display to an eye level about 3′ above the surface when extended vertically.  When you first slip the monitor onto the arm, you need to line the clip up perfectly in order to connect the VESA adapter and the same goes when removing it.  The metal VESA plate and clip feel very secure, it is not possible for the monitor to slip off unless perhaps you installed the clip upside down.   Gently ease the monitor down to the desk, as the gas spring will need to be adjusted before the Workstream will support your monitor.

That is easily done with the provided Allen key, but be warned, you will need to apply a fair amount of torque to turn the nut and quite a few spins before the arm will support a heavier monitor.  Once you’ve dialed it in, the arm moves easily and stays put exactly where ever you let go.  If not, give a few more turns and the Workstream will be ready for you.  There are cable management tubes on the bottom of the arm, running the entire length, if you like to hide your HDMI.

Go Big Or Go Home

There is no question that the Workstream by Monoprice is a serious piece of metal, which you can trust with even a large ultrawide monitor.  The construction is solid, the assembly process easy and the gas spring works exactly as it should.  It is also a very large monitor arm, which means that for smaller desks it is a little much, unless you have a keyboard tray you can slide out to give you a bit more room.  As well the height would allow you to turn just about any desk into a standing desk just by lifting the Workstream up and adding in a stand to bring your mouse and keyboard into reach.  If you have a deep desk, then you would be much more comfortable, and would reclaim a serious amount of space as well if you had brought your current monitor in from the back of your desk.  As long as it isn’t more than 3.3″ that is.

The other impressive thing about the Workstream for it’s $85.99 price tag is the fact it can rotate 90 degrees from landscape to portrait, in addition to the tilt and swivel.  At this price point you would generally not have that freedom, not to mention the ability to support large sized monitors.  If your desk can handle the size of the Workstream, it is hard to find a better deal on such a dexterous monitor arm.

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