AMD’s RX 6400, Fast As A Speeding Intel ARC A380?

Source: Guru of 3D AMD’s RX 6400, Fast As A Speeding Intel ARC A380?

Well Yes, But Actually … 

The RX 6400 release was not exactly exciting, considering it competes with cards like the RX 480 (2016) and RX 570 (2017).  To be fair, those were the higher end of those graphics families which the RX 6400 certainly is not.  Then again the RX 480 launched at $200 for the 4GB and $240 for the 8GB while the RX 570 had an MRSP of $170, while the RX 6400 will cost you $150.  That goes to show you how quickly pricing has changed compared to relative performance.  

If you want to compare it to NVIDIA, the closest that The Guru of 3D had to test was the $380 GTX 1060 (2016) which the RX 6400 can sometimes beat and the $330 GTX 970 (2014) which it beats.  So what could you compare this card to, other than ancient hardware?  How about Intel’s Arc 380?

When the two cards fight it out at 1080p with resizable BAR enabled, the RX 6400 is sometimes better and sometimes not, with the average performance being pretty much equal.   If you increase the resolution, neither card games well but the Intel Arc 380 noticeably outperforms the RX 6400.  This is important because of the number of outputs the Arc card has; you might not be gaming but instead running multiple monitors that need to be powered.

The A380 is $10 cheaper and has three DP and one HDMI, while the Radeon RX 6400 only has one of each.  Considering that, it seems we have one of the first wins for Intel’s Arc.  It’s hard to recommend the RX 6400, except for certain specific games it can actually beat the Intel GPU on.

Meet AMD's Radeon RX 6400. It has 4GB of 64-bit RAM and a whiff of Inifinity Cache (16MB L3). This card might operate at Radeon RX 480 levels when connected to a PCIe Gen x4 connection (3.0/4.0)

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  1. willmore

    Considering the 6400 is a laptop GPU slapped on a board to fill a market segment, it does pretty well against the A380.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      Damning with faint praise 😉

      • willmore

        That’s how we roll. GPU prices have recovered from the stupid high levels of the crypto boom, but they’re still higher than they should be. The A380 and 6400 should be sub $100 cards, but here we are.

  2. ET3D

    This seems like a totally random thought made into an article.

    Honestly, neither are worth buying unless you have a specific need, but it would have been nice to at least get a list of actual pros and cons, like the A380’s bad drivers or that it pretty much requires support for resizable bar, or that the 6400 suffers if PCIe 4.0 isn’t available. You could mention that the 6400 is easily available in low profile format, or that the A380 has AV1 decoding and encoding, while the 6400 has no hardware encoders at all and no AV1 decoding.

    I mean, that would have made this somewhat worthwhile buying advice. But being able to connect 4 monitors and a $10 price difference, that’s really what you think would be a determining factor?


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