CORSAIR Announces the K100 AIR Ultra-Thin Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Source: CORSAIR CORSAIR Announces the K100 AIR Ultra-Thin Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The K100 AIR isn’t just low profile, it’s ULTRA low profile.

Earlier this year I took a look at a thin Cherry keyboard featuring their MX Low Profile Speed RGB switches, but this new keyboard from Corsair takes thinness to near Apple levels. This svelte aluminum design integrates Cherry’s MX Ultra Low Profile switches, which have just 0.8 mm pre travel and 1.8 mm total travel (non-ultra Low Profiles switches range from 1.0 to 1.2 mm pre, and have 3.2 mm total travel).

With an unbelievably thin frame measuring just 11mm at its slimmest point and a clean, minimalist aesthetic, the K100 AIR fits right in on any desktop or workstation. Hyper-responsive CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical keyswitches provide the satisfying, tactile, and reliable keystrokes that users demand, without the height of a full-size keyswitch.

Corsair K100 RGB AIR WIRELESS side view

Additional information about the K100 AIR reproduced from Corsair’s press release (link):

The K100 AIR offers three ways to connect to a multitude of devices: hyper-fast SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS, low-latency Bluetooth® on up to three host devices, or USB wired mode on PC and Mac that enables 8,000Hz hyper-polling for the most responsive gaming performance. The keyboard’s long-lasting battery provides a robust 50 hours of life with brilliant RGB backlighting, or up to a massive 200 hours with backlighting off, so you can go more than a week at a time between charges.

To elevate your workflow, the K100 AIR can seamlessly switch between wireless connections on your PC, laptop, tablet, and more with the press of a key for masterful multi-tasking, protected by AES 128-bit encryption. Four fully programmable macro keys enable you to perform complex macros, actions, and application launching, while dedicated media keys and a programmable aluminum volume roller give you convenient control. When connecting the K100 AIR to other devices, 8MB of onboard storage saves up to 50 profiles to keep preset macros and lighting effects always close at hand.

Corsair K100 RGB AIR WIRELESS top angle

The K100 AIR is endlessly customizable, wirelessly playing up to 20 complex hardware RGB lighting layers at once thanks to CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology. Powerful CORSAIR iCUE software unlocks dynamic wireless RGB control, and enables you to remap keys, program macros, and customize your CORSAIR RGB setup from a single intuitive interface.

As to pricing and availability, Corsair states that the K100 AIR Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will be launched on October 4th, 2022, but has not revealed a price yet.

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  1. Cristian

    Yeah .. i bought a k60 pro and after 6 months W and E broken .. when i press one time he press alone 3, 4 times

    • not cristian

      Yeah .. very relevant comment about a different keyboard .. with very different key switches


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