HAF 700, The Newest Of Cooler Master’s Famous Series

Source: The FPS Review HAF 700, The Newest Of Cooler Master’s Famous Series

Where’s The Bare Or The Sark?

The new HAF 700 is impressive for a number of reasons, including the $300 price point.  For that investment you get a case measuring 556 x 279 x 540 mm (21.9 x 11 x 21.3″) which can fit just about any component you can think of, barring a second motherboard.  While it ships with two 200mm fans and three 120mm, it can fit up to four 200mm fans and nine 120mm fans or a slightly lower number of 140mm fans.  If you prefer watercooling, both the top and bottom of the case can handle either two 360mm rads or a single 420mm monster, the side can handle a single rad of up to 480mm and even the back will accommodate a 240mm rad.   If you are still overheating after that the only thing that is going to help you is LN2.

All that space made installation a breeze for The FPS Review, they didn’t need to pop off the top to get the extra 12V cables plugged in, nor to secure the heatsink.  There is also a deep cable channel in the back to make cable management a dream, and the two included QuickClips are very effective at keeping the cables where you put them.

Sadly, there is no optical bay but the nine 2.5/3.5″ drive bays are certainly handy.  Pop by The FPS Review for a look at this king sized beast.

The HAF 700 is the third entry into Cooler Master’s reinvigorated High Air Flow (HAF) series. From the HAF 500, the HAF 700 borrows the modular design theme, the twin 200mm ARGB fans up front, the tilting fan mount, and the removable top panel.

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  1. willmore

    Hmm, thicker than my 932HAF, but shorter and shallower. How come the 932 comes with 220mm fans and the thicker 700 only comes with 200mm? The 932 supported three of the beasts as well+140mm on the back pannel. Or you can replace the top 220 with three 120s and the side 220 can swap out for four 120mm fans.

    Also, no 5.25″ optical bays? That’s horrible!

  2. FiLiNuX

    You should correct the measurements you listed as they are far from the actual size of this massive beauty! I would hate for someone to use the provided information for their build sheet only to have to return or replace items. The correct stats are:
    26.22 by 11.46 by 24.64 inches.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      That’s including the protrusions though, which you can’t install anything in. I guess if you were going to hide it in a custom built box that would matter?


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