Intel Arc A770 Launches October 12, Starts at $329

Source: Intel Intel Arc A770 Launches October 12, Starts at $329

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Reveals Pricing and Availability of Arc A770

We finally had availability of Arc graphics here in the USA this summer, though just the A380 and from one vendor (ASRock). Finally, at today’s Intel Innovation 2022 event, Arc A770 has been given a release date and price. The date is October 12, and the starting price is $329 USD. It’s a price level that should help ease the fatigue brought on by recent trends (and certain other GPU announcements).

It’s important to note, however, that the aforementioned $329 starting price is just that, a starting price. Intel’s Arc A770 comes in two flavors, with an 8GB version and a 16GB version. Now, if indeed the starting price indicated refers to the Limited Edition card pictured, then, as VideoCardz is reporting, it is indeed a 16GB card for $329. We will get some clarification on this.

Intel Arc A770 Slide PG

VideoCardz quote:

At Intel Innovation, Intel CEO confirms that the A770 LE will cost 329 USD, which is indeed a very low price for this model. Here’s a reminder that A770 features a full ACM-G10 GPU with 32 Xe-Cores and either 8GB to 16GB memory. However, Intel’s Limited Edition only comes with 16GB VRAM.

Update, 09/29/22: Intel has announced pricing of the Limited Edition card, which is a very attractive $349 USD for that 16GB version of the A770. In addition, the Arc A750 will be available on the same day (October 12) for $289 USD. Source:

We only have to wait two weeks or so to find out about performance, and see how easy it will be to get one’s hands on the flagship Arc GPU for this generation.

Intel Arc A770 LE on stage

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