Searching For The Secret Of Monkey Island, For Real This Time

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Searching For The Secret Of Monkey Island, For Real This Time

Race Against Zombie Pirate Captain Le Chuck, And New Pirate Lords Too

Guybrush Threepwood has a bit of an attention span problem.  In the original game he was to search for the secret of Monkey Island but quickly ended up on completely different quests and never did get around to solving the mystery.  In Return to Monkey Island you will actually focus on finding the secret, more or less, with Le Chuck and his somewhat reluctant crew doing the same.   There are plenty of other recognizable characters such as Elaine Marley, Murray and even the Ask Me About Loom guy to interact with as well.

The interface has changed quite a bit, and Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN feels that the modernization really helps make the game more approachable.  Instead of having a handful or two of verbs to use to interact with the game, you have a drag and drop inventory to help deal with puzzles, of which there are plenty.  If you find the puzzles a little too much, there is both a hint guide to help when you get really stuck as well as a a casual mode which makes some of the puzzles a little less complex to figure out.

Check out the trailer and quick review, with little in the way of spoilers.

I was expecting Return To Monkey Island to be a delightful croquembouche of point and click puzzles artfully piled up with puns and meta jokes, all slathered in the sticky, sugary caramel of nostalgia. And it is that. But I wasn't expecting it to contain a gentle rumination on getting old and figuring out what things are really worth caring about.

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