Upgrade Your ASUS ROG Z690 Formula’s VRM Cooling With EK-Quantum

Source: TechPowerUp Upgrade Your ASUS ROG Z690 Formula’s VRM Cooling With EK-Quantum

Cool Off With The EK-Quantum Momentum² VRM Bridge

The ASUS ROG Formula series of motherboards have shipped with integrated watercooling for a while now, which has been become even more popular when ASUS replaced their original aluminium waterblock with a copper one provided by EK-Quantum.  However, for some that is just not enough to keep their VRMs at an acceptable temperature, which leads us to this review by TechPowerUp.

The EK-Quantum Momentum² VRM Bridge is designed to replace the cooler present on Z690 Formula boards, offering a more unique shape as well as using nickel and plexiglass to make it more effective, both aesthetically and thermally.  The waterblock is not rectangular, as is tradition, but is shaped to both fit into the space available as well as revealing more of your motherboard.  TechPowerUp were not fans of the design, but your opinion may vary.

Check out their quick review here.

EK's diverse product portfolio extends also to motherboard monoblocks, but what happens when a board already has an integrated VRM block? Today we examine a new Bridge block from EK for the ASUS ROG Z690 Formula that answers this question by making use of two existing blocks and bridging them together for a simpler, cleaner loop.

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