Your Components Deserve To Be Planted In A ssupd Meshroom s

Source: TechPowerUp Your Components Deserve To Be Planted In A ssupd Meshroom s

The Successor To The Meshlicious

If you don’t recall the Meshlicious, it was a SFF case released by ssupd with backing from Lian Li but don’t worry about it as the ssupd Meshroom S is the new and improved version of that case.  As you can see, the side panels are made of steel mesh to allow for serious airflow, and to let your internal’s RGBs shine through.  It measures 247 mm x 167 mm x 362 mm (9.7 x 6.6 x 14.3″) and supports Mini-ITX and Mini-DTX motherboard, though there is an option to squeeze in an M-ATX or ATX with the optional PCIe cable.

The interior can fit more than you might expect, though longer GPUs will impact the amount of drives you can install.  The thermal performance is very impressive, however the mesh does not muffle sound very well.  The top of the case may feature USB-C and traditional ports, however you need to reach around to the back to turn it on.

Check out TechPowerUp’s review, as there are some very interesting internal features in the ssupd Meshroom S which are worth taking a look at, even if you aren’t shopping for a SFF case.

The ssupd Meshroom S is a new and improved version of the Meshlicious case, but with enough differentiation to co-exist alongside the original. As such it does not only set itself apart with new color options, but some discussion worthy tweaks and build possibilities that go well beyond its ITX based origins.

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