LETSHUOER Z12, Putting Planar Audio In Your Ears

Source: TechPowerUp LETSHUOER Z12, Putting Planar Audio In Your Ears

With An Interesting Colour Scheme

The body of the LETSHUOER Z12 in ear monitors are made of machined aluminium, with anodized colour that should last a long time.  The cords are also removable, offering you a choice of 2.5 mm balanced TRRS, 3.5 mm single-ended TRS, or 4.4 mm balanced TRRS plugs; not to mention it makes it less unpleasant to catch the wires on something.   The cables themselves are high purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable, if you are into that type of thing.

The drivers are also unique, using custom built 14.8 mm planar magnetic drivers with a frequency response of 20 Hz–20 kHz and sensitivity of 102 +/-1 dB/mW @1 kHz.   The impedance of 16 Ω @1 kHz should work with just about any source, though it will sound better with a proper amp.

You can chose to mix the two colours up or go with all gold or black and there are an abundance of tips that ship with it so you can match colour and fit.  Pop by TechPowerUp for a look at the audio quality of the LETSHUOER Z12 IEMs.

LETSHUOER partners with HiFiGo and audio personality Z Review to bring out a customized version of its popular S12 planar IEMs. The new Z12 comes in black or gold (or both) colors while also introducing a new modular cable and a slight bass boost, with the goal of a more balanced and fun tuning.

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  1. LegoGuy23

    I had no idea there were Zeos branded IEMs.
    I know Crinnacle has had a number of colabs so far.


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