Podcast #695 – Ryzen 7000 Reviews, RTX 40 Series minus EVGA, Intel Arc A770 Soon, ARM everything! + MORE

We’re back after a week off – and there’s been a ton of news in the meantime.
Prepare yourself for some very long form content as we talk about AMD Ryzen 7000 for half an hour, and later talk about NVIDIA’s RTX 40 Series for nearly as long. Then there’s Intel 13th gen, ARM, EVGA breakupPlus a lot of other stuff. It’s in the time stamps below.  Enjoy!

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Show Topics


00:00 Intro
02:27 Food with Josh
04:06 30 minutes of AMD Ryzen 7000 perf, thermals, delidding, undervolting, etc.
34:50 Intel 13th Gen Core processors
39:26 NVIDIA RTX 40 Series
1:02:35 Podcast sponsor – TextExpander
1:03:54 EVGA breaks up with NVIDIA
1:11:29 Intel Arc A770 is coming soon
1:15:48 Some Acorn Arm history
1:18:22 Gaming Quick Hits
1:21:20 Security Corner
1:23:14 Picks of the Week
1:35:08 Outro

Picks of the Week

Video News

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