There Is A New Mobile DAC/Amp From Creative, The Sound Blaster X1

Source: TechPowerUp There Is A New Mobile DAC/Amp From Creative, The Sound Blaster X1

Old Hardware But New Software?

This is a bit of an interesting one, as you can tell from the picture.  Creative is selling a new mobile DAC called the Creative Sound Blaster X1, however the specifications were similar enough that TechPowerUp became suspicious enough to peel off the sticker on the side.  As you can see it is indeed an old SXFI Amp which has undergone a bit of a refresh.  While Creative were honest in their answer to TPU’s inquiry and stated that this is a refresh it is worth noting what they have done.

It isn’t exactly the same as the old version in one way, as the “X1 has software access to Sound Blaster audio processing technologies”.  They are both currently for sale, the SXFI Amp is $60 while the Sound Blaster X1 is $70.  You could mod in support for Creative’s Sound Blaster USB drivers and Creative App on the SXFI and save $10 but if you would rather it work out of the box you might prefer the X1.

As far as the performance, the software is well designed and they have been using the Sound Blaster X1 in their headphone reviews which indicates how much they like it.  Check out the review here.

Creative introduces the budget-friendly Sound Blaster X1 that takes the portable DAC/amp form factor and pushes the feature set further beyond the mobile space. The X1 runs with the desktop Sound Blaster drivers for enhanced customization and audio controls, in addition to support for Creative's unique Super X-Fi headphone holography too!

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